Suede and Leather

We clean your garments with the care and pride that we would want our own precious garments to be cleaned. We use a biodegradable environmentally friendly system to carefully clean and restore your garments to fresh, soft suppleness. This system is wonderful for removing stains such as milk, blood and alcohol that were considerable irremovable in the traditional leather cleaning systems. Your bright suede will come out bright and your nubuck leathers will be soft. Our skilled leather refinishers are able to re-dye your garment to restore any fading that has occurred through wear and make them look like new. We include waterproofing with every cleaning so you don't have to worry about re-spraying your garments - you can resume your enjoyment in wearing your precious garments.  Suede and leathers require 1 to 2 weeks to process and refinish.  A $20.00 deposit is required on each garment.  Use your MasterCard or Visa.  We will waive the deposit if you have a house charge at any of our 8 locations.