All drycleaning is done at our main plant located at 99 Niagara St. in the City of Tonawanda. In order to maintain the best quality cleaning around, we dedicate many hours to the cleaning process.

The solvent used to clean your garments is hydrocarbon, a refined natural product extracted from the earth. We use detergent, sizing, and spotting chemicals manufactured by StreetsĀ® Chemical Co. Our cleaning machines have the largest filtration systems available. The system is equipped with Vanguard 21's that filter solids and fugitive dyes ensuring the best cleaning of your cherished garments. We distill the solvent regulary, making the solvent as pure as possible.

What does this all mean to our valued and prospective customer? Our company spends extensive time and money to make sure that your garments come back looking as "fresh" and "new" as the first day you bought them. Everything is done with natural solvents making it easy on the environment. The solvent is reclaimed by reclaimers that allow us to reuse the solvent.

Remember all garments are processed "Fresh, On-Time, and Ready to Wear!"