Area Rugs

We do all the cleaning of area rugs right on premise. Having many options for cleaning allows us to treat each rug individually, something that most rug cleaners cannot do. We dryclean, wash, or steam clean based on what the cleaning needs of the area rug are.

When it comes to area rugs there are two main factors on how the rug will clean. First, the condidtion of the rug is crucial. If the stains have been on the rug for years and improper methods have been used to remove the stain, the stain will probably remain even after cleaning. Second, the quality of the rug is very important. A rug that cost one hundred doallars will not clean as well as a rug that cost one thousand dollars. This does not hold true for every rug, but the rule basically applies.

Remember, the best maintenance of your rug entails vacuuming regulary and blotting all spills and drips, not rubbing them. After this maintenance has been followed, clean the rug professionally with us.